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Banana Pudding

슬라이스된 바나나와 쿠키로 다섯 층을 이루고 있는 달콤한 바닐라 크림 푸딩

젤라틴(미국), 생크림(국산), 바나나(필리핀)


One of the top three best sellers in the house, our Banana pudding is filled with vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and soft, creamy vanilla pudding. If you crave for banana pudding you have tasted when in New York, you are in for the right search. Our own version of Banana pudding will give you that nostalgic taste, yet less sweet and lighter flavor to take off the guilt you might be feeling after finishing the whole jar.

Ingredients: Gelatin (USA), Cream (Korea), Banana (the Philippines)