Carrot Cake - Glamorous Penguin
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Carrot Cake

신선한 당근과 피칸이 갈려 들어간 시트에 크림치즈 프로스팅을 더한 포슬포슬한 식감의 케이크. 글래머러스 펭귄만의 레시피로 만든 촉촉하면서도 많이 달지 않은 크림치즈가 시트와 훌륭한 조화를 이루어냅니다.

당근(국산), 피칸(미국), 크림치즈(미국)


Another Glamorous Penguin best seller, with freshly grated carrots, pecans and topped with almonds, to get the best flavor and texture we believe. It’s filled and with our very own cream cheese frosting recipe. Very moist, less sweet and dense than regular carrot cake you might taste in other stores in Europe and America – and still manage to be super yum!

Ingredients: Eggs (Korea), Sugar (Korea), Carrots (Korea), Cream Cheese etc.