Scone, Cookie - Glamorous Penguin
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Scone, Cookie



담백하고 고소한 글래머러스 펭귄의 스콘. 시즌별로 재료에 따라 얼그레이스콘, 바닐라빈스콘 등 새로운 스콘들을 만나보세요!

밀가루 (미국), 설탕 (국산), 얼그레이 (영국)


We love scones! Glamorous Penguin sells different kind of scones depending on special occasions and seasons. Floury and buttery, you can enjoy our Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, Plain scones (and many others depending on when you drop by) when you are in need of small bites on your way to work.

Ingredients: Flour (USA), Sugar (Korea)



글래머러스 펭귄 주방에서는 계절에 따라 스모어쿠키, 누텔라쿠키, 초코칩쿠키 등 다양한 쿠키를 만들고 있습니다. 할로윈, 크리스마스 등 시즌에는 예쁜 아이싱 쿠키도 선보인답니다.

밀가루(국산), 설탕(국산), 버터(국산), 달걀(국산), 코코아(벨기에)


Just like all other products sold at our store, our cookies are made with honest ingredients with passed down the handmade way.

No chemical artificial ingredients to make it super gooey, but moist and tasty enough to buy dozens for the people you love. Our cookie menu vary in different occasions, so follow us online to find out what’s selling. Our Nutella cookies, Double Oreo cookies are one of the popular ones to just name a few.

(We also sell pretty icing cookies for Christmas, Halloween and Valentines’ so make sure to reserve early!)