Killer Nutella Cake - Glamorous Penguin
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Killer Nutella Cake

달콤한 초콜렛 헤이즐넛 케이크. 밀가루가 들어가지 않고, 악마의 잼이라 불리는 누텔라 잼 한 병과 통헤이즐넛이 갈려 들어가 고소한 풍미가 있습니다. 따뜻하게 데워 드시면 더욱 맛있답니다.
누텔라(이탈리아), 달걀(국산), 헤이즐넛(미국)


Who doesn’t love Nutella? Rich, sweet chocolate hazelnut cake where we use a whole small jar of Nutella jam to give that ‘devilish’ taste you crave, for little more sugar to give you that extra ‘oomph’ of the day. We have also added freshly grinded hazelnuts to add in extra nutty flavor. And believe it or not, it’s also gluten free (no flour added)!

Ingredients: Nutella (Italy), Eggs (Korea), Hazelnut (USA)