Red Velvet Cake - Glamorous Penguin
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Red Velvet Cake

글래머러스 펭귄에 오셨던 손님분들께서 극찬해주신 레드벨벳. 코코아 베이스 시트에 크림치즈 프로스팅이 올라간 케이크로 펭귄의 레드벨벳은 많이 달지 않고 촉촉하여 오랫동안 많은 사랑을 받고 있습니다.

달걀(국산), 코코아파우더(프랑스), 크림치즈(미국)


An American Southern favorite cake, adjusted to ‘Glamorous Penguin’ style’ of taste and sweetness. Moist cocoa sponge topped with our signature light cream cheese frosting, customers have complimented our red velvet cake to be not overly sweet. Recognized as ‘one of the best red velvet cake in Korea’ by many food magazines and in the media, we believe it’s our use of high quality cocoa powder and the right amount of frosting, which gives the ‘classic’ flavor that people love.

Ingredients: Egg (Korea), Sugar (Korea), Cocoa powder (France), Cream Cheese (USA), etc.